Current Group Members

Yongmei Wang Dunavant Professor
Dr. Wang joined faculty member at the University of Memphis in 2003. She has since been tenured and promoted to full professor. Before coming to Memphis, she worked at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University as Assistant and later Associate Professor for seven years. You can read more about her at here

Jesse Ziebarth Postdoc
Jesse obtained the Ph.D in our group in 2009. While he was a graduate student, he worked on simulation for polymer separation and charaterization and also initiated project for polymer based gene delivery. Jesse then spent several years working in the bioinformatics group at UT health science center. He came back to work on the gene delivery project and also spent part of his time working here in the Bioinformatics program

Caleb Gallops. Caleb Gallops. PhD student
Caleb joined our group since 2016 Fall. He is currently working on simulations for nanomedicine

Clifford Ukarajit Clifford Ukarajit. undergraduate student
Clifford joined our group since 2017 Spring. He is currently working on simulations for polymer separation

Chang Yu. Chang Yu High School Student at MUS, Class of 2018
Chang Yu began his research project in our group since 2015 summer. He is currently working on simulations related to gene delivery project. Specifically he is studying pH-responsive behavior of polyethyleneiminie (PEI) chains.

Lyndon Shi. Lyndon Shi High School Student at White Station, Class of 2020. Lyndon began his research in our group since 2017 summer.

Group Alumni